The Family Man:Season 2|Review

Directors: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK

It doesn’t seem right to give my review on season 2 prior to season 1. But, then the season speaks so much for itself that I couldn’t stop writing this piece after binge-watching all the episodes. I just love this facet about the current scenario of digital contents. Its so much more than the mainstream movies that we all grew up watching. The creators as well as the actors are getting to explore their creative sides more which is a fresh take on catering the taste of every other person out there.

Season 2 of one of the most awaited Indian series “The Family Man” was out on June 4,2021. But honestly, I didn’t have any major expectations from the second season. We had already seen what had happened to the 2.0s of our favorite shows out there. Yes, I am talking about Sacred Games and Mirzapur. Although they had all the top notch players, who have the capability of running an entire movie or show single-handedly, yet the fans were disappointed. So, I didn’t want to jinx The Family Man by hyping over it. But, Raj and DK didn’t let us down for a bit. The second version was nowhere close to disappointment.

I have so much to talk about. So, I would like to start with the casting of the show. Manoj Bajpayee (as Srikant Tiwari), Priyamani (Suchitra Iyer Tiwari) and Sharib Hashmi (JK Talpade) had definitely made their mark in the last season and this season also had them in major roles.But unlike last season, in this season, other supporting actors like Shreya Dhanwantary (from SCAM 1992) and Sunny Hinduja (from Aspirants) had already their own fan base. So, even a cameo appearance of them had an impact on the show. Ravindra Vijay (as Muthu Pandian)and Devadarshini (as Umayal) were great addition to the main cast. Ashlesha Thakur (as Dhriti) and Vedant Sinha (as Atharv) provided a complete package to the Tiwari family. Atharv with his blackmailing tactics and Dhriti with her adamant teenage character were cherry on top of the cake. Chellam played by Uday Mahesh was our know-it-all guy, who according to a popular meme circulating now, is a replacement for Google in the show. Kaustabh Kumar (as Tanmay Ghosh) playing the character of Srikant’s boss in the IT firm was definitely another interesting character in the making of the season. And saving the best for the last was Samantha Akkineni, who made her digital debut through this series. She was great from all aspects. She had to ditch her usual glamorous look to be in her rusty and fiesty avataar, to play the Srilankan Tamil who had been wronged throughout her life. Even with her minimum dialogue delivery, she stood out throughout the season. I would have loved to see more suspense created around her, but it might have been difficult for makers to put that up in a nine episode season while focusing on so many aspects of different characters. Her eyes were enough to show the rage going inside her. Whenever the camera angled on her, she stole the show as if others have just mere background presence. Ofcourse, Manoj Bajpayee was the main lead of the show, but whenever there was a scene with her, you can’t stop rooting for her more than the main lead.

The best part of the show was its pan-India aspect which can’t be ignored. Even though India is a diverse country, the mainstream movies have stereotyped different cultures, which this show has tried to negate in the best way possible. As, most part of the show had its base-location as TamilNadu, creators have taken local actors speaking in their native language in the show. It provides a realistic take rather than casting people from other regions and dubbing their voices or continuing with the stereotypes that exists till now. There was an instance where one of the characters, when struggling to communicate with the local people was told that-“Just because you speak Hindi doesn’t mean the entire world does so too.” It describes how South India is more than just “Filter Coffee” and “Yenna Rascala.” It shows the authenticity of the Tamil Community. I like the fact how the show portrays the Tamil speaking people talking with each other in Tamil and with people from North India in English or in broken hindi. It seems so legit and genuine unlike what has been shown to us till now. You get to learn about the Srilankan Tamils and understand why they have full support of some of the local people. The show has completely annulled the controversies revolving around the injustice towards the portrayal of Srilankan Tamils and the Tamil Rebels. Unlike assumptions,it has painted a grey picture of the whole scenario, where you can’t take a call on who is the protagonist and antagonist of the show. You can’t decide on who is the victim and who is the saviour, and end up rooting for every other character and empathizing them.

The show has equal amount of action and humor served in your platter. It maintained its ardent nature (from season 1) of providing stuff for a laugh even when it has the content of being one of the most serious action thriller. There are the technical aspects of cinematography, direction and the fighting scenes which you are totally going to love about the show (But, I guess I am not the right person now to talk about the technicalities of making a movie). So, I guess I will wind up here and will totally suggest you to go and watch the series if you haven’t done yet.

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